We are a local,  Washington DC based, professional catering and  mixology bartending company.  At One Route Catering, we believe that by keeping you involved every step of the way- “YOU ARE THE MENU” 
Don’t think of us as your typical catering service, think of One Route Catering as the trendy, fun and professional
service with your best interest at heart. You will love the simplicity with a twist.
We’re booked for a variety of events ranging from cocktail parties, birthdays, office lunches, date night, private
events, to special nights during the week such as game night, taco Tuesday’s, or poetry night.

Ready to eat? Great! We thought you were.


  • Internationally-Trained Gourmet Chefs
  • Dishes Always Reflect You and Your Brand
  • Any Cuisine, Any Style- We Can CREATE It
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  • Certified Mixologists
  • Professional Bartenders & DC Guild Members
  • Custom Crafted Cocktails & Branded Drink Menus
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Vic Chizi, owner of one route catering and mixology in washington, dc

Victor Chizinga


Meet the Founder

Chef/Mixologist Vic, a DC resident who studied International Culinary Arts at the Arts Institute of Washington DC and received his Mixology Certification and license at PBS in Arlington VA. When he isn’t mastering his chef skills, you can find him volunteering to feed the homeless, or exploring the city with his friends. Helping others and keeping healthy and active is a must in his lifestyle.
Recently, One Route Catering had the opportunity to cater to the big annual event, ” The Gold Cup”. Chef Vic has also partnered up with a few vendors at the Verizon Center in DC during sports event such as the Wizards basket ball games. Soon to come is a cook and drink book, food trucks and also the launch of Chef’s tooth picks, ( VicksPicks ), skewers and cocktail sticks.
Meet Our Team

You share. We create.

Scheduling One Route Catering for your next event takes two simple steps


Our scheduling team are experts at booking catering events. We service numerous clients; so working with One Route Catering will be a painless process.

We ensure complete details are not only noted about your event, but executed in a professional, and friendly manner.


Our trained culinary professionals at One Route Catering will work with you to help create a unique menu of food options that best reflect your event, personality, theme, or brand.

Having the menu of your event customized by Culinary Artist Vic Chizi not only creates unforgettable memories, but ensures that you stand out.

NEXT STEPS: Choose how you’d like to experience One Route Catering

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