One Route Catering

College Cocktail Tips

College students or young professionals who like craft cocktails but can’t afford the cost. Like gourmet meals but can’t cook. Here’s a cheaper way:

Craft cocktails foundation is only 3 ingredients. The Spirt of choice, sugar and citrus. Go to your local liqour store an pick it up ( preferably aged spirits have more flavor and character. Then go to your local market and pick up different fruits, herbs and spices, lemons and bad of sugar( grab some rotisserie chicken usually $9, some tortillas and lettuce and salsa of choice). With the different fruits make a few syrups by boiling water and sugar and adding the fruit of choice or spices to make different syrups ( eg.peach or mango or , Thyme syrup etc). With the syrup combine the spirit and fresh squeezed lemon juice then name the cocktail