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Great for date night, birthdays, hangout with the buddies, team building, or a solo night out. Come enjoy and get educated on how to craft a classic cocktails. Step up your hosting game by being a well informed and trained home bartender/mixologist.  Sip, network, celebratebrate compete and toast to life with your fellow cocktail enthusiasts.....Cheers


Thurs 7pm-8:30pm

Friday 8pm-9:30pm (VIP)

Saturday 1pm-2:30pm

Saturday 8pm-9:30pm

Tickets available on link above. Classes subject to availability. Email craftmix@oneroutecatering.com

IG: @oneroutemixology

For media VISIT www.facbook.com/OneRouteMIXOLOGY


Nora Stork said:

"Great Saturday afternoon mixology class. The instructor was very knowledgeable and made the class fun with a drink making competition. "
Posted: 7/11/2016 3:40 PM
Deal: 90-Minute Mixology Classes for 1 or 2 - Washington, D.C. - 1/20/2016
Ashley Sowls said:

"This was an amazing class! Lots of fun and it exceeded my expectations! I would absolutely recommend this class and business! "
Posted: 3/12/2016 3:24 PM
Deal: 90-Minute Mixology Classes for 1 or 2 - Washington, D.C. - 1/20/2016

Ruth Turner said:

"This was actually a very fun activity! Would do it again with my girlfriends "
Posted: 3/12/2016 3:06 PM
Deal: 90-Minute Mixology Classes for 1 or 2 - Washington, D.C. - 1/20/2016


I was looking for something fun my sister and I could do this Summer during the weekends. So of course I go to Groupon and come across the cocktail mixing class. We bought the 90 minute Cocktail Mixing Class for 2 Groupon, and booked for 7/16/16. However, when we were going to that class, there had been a blackout in D.C. So OneRoute e-mailed us and let us know that the class was cancelled due to the blackout - there was no power at all, so they invited us to join on 7/23/16. When we showed up, it was in an artsy studio looking place on H St. N.E. in D.C. The class was great! We had so much fun, and not only that, we learned a lot. We learned what exactly cocktails are, what the measurements are for the drinks, how to mix a few drinks and we even had a competition with two teams, creating our own type of drink. The class was fairly small, only 8 of us there, and it was actually REALLY fun! And the drinks our mixologist teacher made.... I have never had a cocktail that good, ever! I loved how he also taught us so much about drinks and some of the history in them. He even provided some snacks for the class, since he has a catering company. I'm vegan so I was not able to try them, but my sister and everyone else LOVED his signature fried chicken. I definitely recommend this class to anyone looking to learn about cocktails and how to mix them. It was a great, informative and FUN class! I highly recommend them!


The course was fun and the instructor was cool. However the class was way over booked and crowded. I expected to have a bit more to drink and to have hands on practice making different recipes.


The guy was super fun! Very friendly and informative